Locks to Talk About - By Maree Chavez

Recently, I overheard a mother saying, "I dread the day my little girl realizes she doesn't have soft, straight, silky hair like most of her friends.” Yikes! This reminded me just how often we wonder how are we going to conquer our curly mane rather than embrace it.

Nothing turns a head quicker than seeing someone who is rockin' a beautiful head of curls, having clearly made the decision to accept their locks. It can sometimes take awhile for Colorado Curlies, as we call them, to make that connection because the dry air has put a damper on our natural curl potential. Moisture is the key to unlocking the curl’s magnificence. Since we don't have humidity working on our side here, it's important to create that luxury on our own.

I've put together some quick and easy tips for you and your curls. Each step is equally important. By following each tip diligently, you too will be rockin' some eye-catching curls in no time!
  1. Wash your hair just two to three times per week. This schedule gives your curls a chance to absorb the natural oils from your scalp.
  2. Choose a sulphate-free cleanser, not a shampoo. This takes getting used to because they do not create a lather but are much more effective.
  3. Condition, condition, condition. Use a product specifically made for curly hair.
  4. Don't comb or brush out your hair. Use your fingers and 'rake' through your hair instead.
  5. Keep your styling products in the shower and apply it to soaking wet hair. THEN take out excess moisture with a micro fiber towel or an old t-shirt. Regular towels cling to hair and causes frizz.
  6. Use clips in the crown area at the scalp and allow time to dry naturally and completely. DON'T TOUCH- DON'T SCRUNCH-DON'T MESS with your hair until it’s completely dry.
  7. Gently break up the hair to allow soft movement. This will prevent crunchy, wet looking curls.

When we see a frustrated, curly girl walk into our salon feeling like a straightener is the only way to go -- we all know a transformation is about to begin!

Maree Chavez is the owner of Hair People in Denver and has over 25 years of experience in the industry.
She can be reached at 303-377-0304 or online at www.hairpeopledenver.com
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