Hair Brained!

Our salon recently attended a National Hair Color Summit in Los Angeles...but what made this hair event a little different than most hair 'shows' was that it was not SHOWY at all. It was technical and scientific-based. All in attendance, along with the educators, had one thing in common…we are all hair geeks!

Each workshop provided in depth whys instead of whats. This was a special collection of passionate educators who shared their tips, tricks, techniques, remedies and theories. I thought I’d share some of our favorite bits with you.

When you apply hair color to damaged, porous hair, permanent hair color becomes temporary and temporary color becomes permanent. So, if your permanent hair color doesn't seem to last, then likely your hair is too porous and needs cutting. The opposite holds true when you think you are putting a temporary color in the hair and it doesn't budge. The hair can be so porous it just soaks up that 'deposit' only hair color. The remedy typically requires bleaching to remove.

If you color your hair red, please ask for a clarifying treatment before your color service as it will result in a more consistent finish. Also, with reds, be sure to understand the undertone of your desired hair color before you and stylist go for it. A great way to know your ideal red tone is to look at the flecks in your eye color. If you see yellow or orange, go for warm tones. If you see blue or brown, go for cool tones. This is a good foundation to determine a natural look for you.

Hair science and technology has improved and expanded even within the past five years. We have choices and treatments that we never had before. We were exposed to the latest and greatest remedies and new products. So, if your pressing hair or scalp issue wasn't fixable in the past, please ask your stylist again to see if there might be something new you can try.

I remember hearing that hair trends are consistently evolving; what once was old will become new again. This is true, however every once in a while, like right now, technology and ideas will be completely new and fresh.
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