Summer DOs

Ahh, summer is here and we have put together a collection of fun tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling SUNsational all season long.
Looking for different ways to get your hair dry this summer or running short on time after a sweaty workout? Only wash your hairline, then blow it dry for a fresh clean feel and put the rest up. Or how about this trick we all love? Swipe a tad of deodorant to your neckline to minimize sweat that will kill a fresh blow out. You can also use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair and eliminate the frizz!
You can also take advantage of the sun's rays by letting your hair dry naturally. It'll give your hair a well-needed break from hot tools and give you a completely different look...can you say beachy, sexy, never-the-same-effortless-tresses?
Indulge your hair twice a week with a deeper conditioner than your normal daily conditioner and your hair will thank you for the hydration.
Maintain your highlights with shampoos or conditioners that are purple in color. This violet base will neutralize any brassy hues because violet will always counteract orange.
Setting your hair while it’s wet is multi-beneficial. First, working with wet hair allows lots of creative freedom because you can comb it into any shape you want. When hair is set wet it is being told to dry with lift and roundness. The only real challenge is having the patience for it to dry, which makes summer the perfect time to experiment with this technique!
You’ll need a wet brush, a fine-toothed comb, hair ties, bobby pins and hair adornments. For wet-prep, you’ll need gel, mousse or styling lotion, and hairspray once it’s dry. If your hair is medium length, start at the nape and work your way up. If your hair is long, try braiding or knotting first and then pinning it up. If your hair is short, carve out a deep part, comb your bangs across your forehead and direct the sides back. Spray heavily with hard holding hairspray. Once you take them down, or comb them out, you should see the shapes you created whether loose waves, different textures and cool one-of-a-kind shapes. If there is something out of place, simply tweak with a blow dryer, curling iron, or your favorite hair pin.
So whether or not you are planning a getaway this summer---you and your hair can get away with some SUNsational new looks. Be brave!
Maree Chavez is the owner of Hair People in Denver and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. She can be reached at 303-377-0304 or at
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