A head full of foils to begin the blend

By Maree Chavez - April 20, 2018

In my case, my hair is very silvery white around the hairline and into the side panels --- seems to be a bit more salt and black pepper on top.

As it's growing out we decided to add a bunch of highlites and get them as COOL as possible.
By doing this it will create dimension (lighter) in the areas of distinction.
The good news is that NOW IN THIS INDUSTRY we DO have GRAY and PEARL and SILVERY 'toners' in our tool kit.....when I started in this business there was no such thing other than Fanciful 'rinses' for little blue haired older ladies.

I need to do another 2 or 3 more rounds of HIGHLITES but this did break up the color a bit.

+++++NOTE ----for me, this process is brutal on my hair and without OLAPLEX bonding system in the lightner---my hair would be toast! A new haircare regime is in order. minimal heat, heat protecting sprays when I do blowdry, protein treatments, a WET BRUSH and high quality shampoos and conditioners
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